Originally from the heart of Devonshire England, I grew up with stories of haunted houses, headless horseman, pirates and centuries old castles complete with all the torture instruments of the time period. Less than forty miles away is wales,  home of the legendary Camelot and the knights of the round table. A story of betrayal to king Arthur with Lancelot and his queen , and the ongoing search for the holy grail. legends ,myths and the supernatural have always been a part of my world……

From the age of three I encountered spirits and apparitions , this spirit intervention continued and increased,  finally at the age of twelve I saw my first angel. The wing span filled the walls and appeared to me to look at least seven feet tall , fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. This ethereal being never said a word to me , but it was an unforgettable experience.

As a tarot reader I see visions and feel peoples energy and vibrations . As a medium spirits come and go as they please, I seem to have no control over that , but they are good enough to leave if I request it. I have taken courses on colour healing and chakra clearing.  I am a reiki master/ teacher with a bonus … I see past lives when I practice . This is something that just happened out of the blue , also I now see dark spots where there are health problems. I practice EFT daily ( emotional freedom techniques) it serves to keep me centered and positive.

I have more than thirty years experience of readings  and healing , it is a reminder of how precious your life is. make your life memories instead of wishes. Many have cried and laughed with me during a reading , but none have left unsatisfied. I have been a designer and artist for many years, I have written pages of poetry , but my spiritual calling has changed the way I view life and death and everything else in between. Rain and sunshine follow each other , we all have life lessons and our individual destiny, embrace this amazing journey…Namaste.

Psychic Reader, Medium and Advisor Clearwater Florida